Christophe Laurent

Erectile Function

Vintage Point

It's not a misspelling. But it's a vintage look, if you didn't get it ...

Gotham in the Rain

Bus Only

Street Photography

This must be where the aliens landed ...

US of A

The Stars & Stripes on the Q train. On a glorious day.

Montmartre, Paris

Sacré-Coeur, or Holy Heart Church on Montmartre, in Paris, north of the Louvre ... Nice clouds, because of the bad weather ...

Help me!

Women asking a generic "aidez-moi" in La Defense, Paris. In the shadow of giants, creating even more contrast

La Défense

Business District in Paris: You can see a tiny Arc de Triomphe, further down the "Champs Elysées" in the Middle ...

"Modern" Library

A Modern Library in Antwerpen-Kiel (Belgium). Architect Goos. I shot the whole building a while a go, and love this picture the most ... It exudes the fifties, like it was just yesterday ...