Christophe Laurent


Park van Den Brandt, November 11/11/2011.


Different colours often make a nice combination. Deep inside, they're all the same ...

Rise of the Red Rock

Uluru, in the Red Centre of Australia. One mighty spiritual place.


Red Centre, Australia. Love it.

Red Flags

I did the composite and processing. The two original pictures are taken by Pieter VdV


Cirrocumulus Stratiformis in full (I think). We were driving towards a traffic accident, to free a jammed person. This was what I saw on my right, out of my passenger window. Thank you, iPhone ...

The Pier - Blankenberge

This is the coastal home town of my dad. It's along the North Sea Coast, in Belgium. It seems rough in the winter, but it's paradise in summer. Believe me, I spent at least 18 summers there ...

Along came a spider

Kakadu National Park.

One of the Cradles of Civilisation. Paradise Lost, you might say. It's way too far from where I live, for my taste ...

Crowd Surfing

Fly away.

Lilou & Mathis

Lilou & Mathis @ SintAnneke strand op 15 augustus 2016