Christophe Laurent

#Icelandic #Horses are the Rock Stars of the Anima ...

#Icelandic #Horses are the Rock Stars of the Animal Kingdom. These guys again remind me of #U2's #TheJoshuaTree pictures by the great #Dutch #Photographer #AntonCorbijn. Made this with my #iPhone6S...

Over smy Shoulder

Now #AvalaibleLight is getting scarce in #Iceland, one has to use it well ... I call this one over my shoulder. #Winter is close. But this magnificent horse is still whiter than its surroundings ...

Crowdsourced Anger: Statue in Fréjus-Plage,Var, France

Lilou & Mathis

Lilou & Mathis @ SintAnneke strand op 15 augustus 2016


Portret with continuous light (LED)

The Joshua Tree

Somewhere in Northern #Iceland. This natural scene reminded me a lot of the pictures that #AntonCorbijn made of #U2. Even the hair. Beautiful #Icelandic #Horses, too.

Katrijn, Studio Harcourt Style

Not intended to be this way, but it turned out ok.

Raf has a beard!

My friend Raf grew his beard: really this time. It looks good on him.


Katrijn looking at the sky. In the "Park Den Brandt", in Wilrijk, Antwerp, Belgium. She was surrounded by foliage and trees. Sure I could reveal them playing with the levels (but I didn't this time ...)


This is Victor. At Lilou's Birthday Party.


Liam, at Lilou's Birthday Party ...


This is Raf Jacobs, of Mannix, a Jazz Combo.

The Joker

Too Much

Raf Jacobs from Mannix.

Young Marilyn



Olivia Van de Vijver, Katrijn's niece ...

The Girls

Am I Blue?

Model:Laura Servaty Make-up by Dorothy Vandemaele (Doro-T)


Model: Anse Mertens Make-up by Dorothy Vandemaele (Doro-T)

Elise in the Sky, with Diamonds.

This is little Elise, last week.


Olivia Van de Vijver, Katrijn's niece.

Late @ Xmas

Lilou, my lovely niece ...


With Anse Mertens. MUAH Doro-T (Dorothy Vandemaele)


featuring Anse Mertens. Make-up by Dorothy Vandemaele (Doro-T)


With Anse Mertens Make-up by Dorothy Vandemaele (Doro-T)

Whip Lashes

Model: Anse Mertens Make-up by Dorothy Vandemaele (Doro-T)

Trois Quart

Model: Anse Mertens Make-up by Dorothy Vandemaele (Doro-T)

I Wonder ...

Model: Laura Servaty Make-up by Dorothy Vandemaele (Doro-T)

Distant Storm: The Dark Side.

I made this on South Beach. Everyone left because of the storm. Now, after seeing the latest storm pictures of demolished homes, it dawned to me why everyone ran. As a non native of the East Coast, I did not realize the devastating power of such a phenomenon. But at the very least, you could say that I did appreciate it's beauty. Katrijn does a great job of playing the "Good Element" against the dark side, in the background. I love the contrast of her white dress, against the "near-blackness" of the storm. You don't get this kind of beach pictures very often. (Most girls wouldn't give in to my photographic inclinations in such an occasion, I think ...)


6 years ago, now. Seems like an eternity. He has the bluest eyes.


Think I made this with my Samyang lens. Some lens. Really like it's depth of field.

Bagdad Cafe

Roadside #Motels are quite common in the #US. Still, #BagdadCafe in #NewBerrySprings seems to exude the essence of #Route66. Dunno why. iPhone6S, #NoFilter. This is Katrijn.

Fly away.

Crowd Surfing

Red Flags

I did the composite and processing. The two original pictures are taken by Pieter VdV


In the background is a building aptly called the "Peer" in Blankenberge, little town on the Belgian coast were my dad grew up. It's a great place, with lotsa stories ...


My beautiful little niece and her cat, Billy.

Along came a spider





Oh yeah?


Julie, my godchild.



Elise is in the Play Room. I guess she must be holding her playbook then. She and her sister got this really nice Attic installed to be a playing room. Thanks to daddy Gert , of course.


My role was merely pimping this beautiful photo. This picture is actually made by Pieter Van de Vijver, Katrijn's brother.


Nothing particular. Just thought the light was nice.

Olivia Cadeau

Olivia with a present ...

Two Dolls

Olivia, playing.

Park Way

Katrijn in Park Den Brandt. My favouritest park in Antwerp. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Skin against Bark

Katrijn in Park Den Brandt. My favouritest park in Antwerp. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Park van Den Brandt, November 11/11/2011.

Autumn Light

Park van Den Brandt, November 11/11/2011.

Blue Skies

Park van Den Brandt, November 11/11/2011.

Against All Rays

Summer of 2011, with a Fuji X100

Le Grand Bleu

Frejus 2011. La belle France ...


This is available light photography at its best and most extreme ... Katrijn's expression was natural, and she didn't know I was shooting her. (Thankyou silent mode). Nicely captured by my dear X100 ... (Note: she did give her consent ...)


Thinking about other things than the here and now. I guess. I like the "dimensional" look of her eye(s). She's focussed on her dream, not her hair ...

Sunny Side Up

Eyes Wide Open

Mmm. Roses.

Dazed & Confused

Kat with cat

Just two friends.

Up Close & Personal

Gert op de verjaardag van Julie ...

Doctor Little

Me in pre-med school uniform. Not.

Vickie Revisited

Or is this another little vicking?


Mathis has huge eyelashes. See for yourself. Girls: beware. Hypnotizing notice. Ask Frédéric, he's had casualties too that way ;-). Oh, and his tooth was about to fall out!


With a new toy. Always a treat ...




Fairy Tales

Display of Power

Winter Coat


Pool Manners

Nassau Suites

The bestest hotel in Miami Beach. (Thank you Lilly!)

Looking Up

Mother's Day


Like only kids can ...

Cookie Jar?

Lilou Lovingly

Nathan Knows ...

Or at least he looks like he does!

Mathis Le Conquérant

inspired by Robur Le Conquérant, the Title of the book by Jules Verne. But not by the book itself. Quite a different story, that.

Lovely Lilou

My dearest niece. The cutest girl you've ever seen!

The Pier - Blankenberge

This is the coastal home town of my dad. It's along the North Sea Coast, in Belgium. It seems rough in the winter, but it's paradise in summer. Believe me, I spent at least 18 summers there ...

Montmartre, Paris

Sacré-Coeur, or Holy Heart Church on Montmartre, in Paris, north of the Louvre ... Nice clouds, because of the bad weather ...

La Défense

Business District in Paris: You can see a tiny Arc de Triomphe, further down the "Champs Elysées" in the Middle ...

Vintage Point

It's not a misspelling. But it's a vintage look, if you didn't get it ...

Erectile Function

Gotham in the Rain

Street Photography

This must be where the aliens landed ...

Bus Only

US of A

The Stars & Stripes on the Q train. On a glorious day.

Chicago's Subway is like no other. The world knows ...

Chicago's Subway is like no other. The world knows that from shows like ER. But it's even more spectacular when you're in the middle of themis vibrant city ... colors, lights, sound and odors mix into a unique experience .::

Help me!

Women asking a generic "aidez-moi" in La Defense, Paris. In the shadow of giants, creating even more contrast


A little squirrel my nephews found in the park, fallen from its nest. It's back in nature now.


A little squirrel my nephews found in the park, fallen from its nest. It's back in nature now.


A little squirrel my nephews found in the park, fallen from its nest. It's back in nature now.


Different colours often make a nice combination. Deep inside, they're all the same ...


Cirrocumulus Stratiformis in full (I think). We were driving towards a traffic accident, to free a jammed person. This was what I saw on my right, out of my passenger window. Thank you, iPhone ...

"Modern" Library

A Modern Library in Antwerpen-Kiel (Belgium). Architect Goos. I shot the whole building a while a go, and love this picture the most ... It exudes the fifties, like it was just yesterday ...


I'm hungry. Looks like he's cold, too. Nice shoes, though.

Gonzo Grimes Style

Gonzo visited Antwerp: he likes the pedestrian tunnel under the River. "I like thinking of myself as a pedestrian. So much more down to earth." To be completely honest, this is more influenced by Regina Pagles ( than mister Grimes himself.

Olivia, with her contagious laughter

Olivia is always very animated, and this time was not any different.